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3 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Partner with A Great Place to Work Software Provider

When law firms evaluate partners and vendors to work with, there are several criteria they need to consider—especially when it comes to a software provider. The appropriate software provider must have the reputation, functionality, and flexibility law firms require to be a good fit. However, one qualification that often gets overlooked is the type of workplace environment within the software company. While this might seem like a random qualification to look at for a software provider and not a potential employer, there are several benefits to partnering with a company that ensures employee satisfaction—especially a company that is a Certified Great Place to Work. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Great Place to Work Certification?

The Great Place to Work Certification program allows employees to rate their employer and provide honest feedback on the employee experience and the overall workplace environment. When companies complete this process, it gives them insight into how employees feel about the culture and how the organization compares to other companies across the country. Additionally, Great Place to Work is an independent consulting company. All employee feedback is anonymous, which leads to more honest employee responses to give job seekers and potential partner companies an unbiased view of the employee experience.

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Why Should Your Law Firm Partner with a Great Place to Work Software Provider?

Law firms are obligated to their clients to provide them with the best legal services, which extends to partnering with the best software providers to offer an efficient, compliant, and seamless experience. Certified Great Place to Work software providers can help law firms accomplish this in three main ways:

1. Happy Employees = Better Service

When a company provides its employees with a supportive and healthy work environment, they are likely to be happier and come to work giving their 110%. Therefore, their clients can feel the difference in the service they receive and have an overall better experience with the software provider. From working with sales reps or reaching out to the support team with questions, those employees will have the passion and motivation to provide the user with the best experience possible.

2. Increased Innovation

Similarly, employees that are supported and given the resources to test out new ideas or initiatives, law firms get the added benefit of continuous improvements to the software. Whether it be adding new features, addressing new challenges that emerge in the industry, or enhancements to existing features, a Great Place to Work company provides the environment for employees to bring those ideas to the table.

3. Support Strong Companies in Your Community

Lawyers work closely with the members of their communities to provide high-quality legal services and support. One additional way they can support the community is by partnering with a Certified Great Place to Work company within their local and legal communities. These strategic partnerships not only show a law firm’s commitment to the community but also helps those companies grow to create more job opportunities for those in the surrounding area.


As law firms look for ways to differentiate their practice and services to potential clients, they must think outside the box to set themselves apart. Partnering with locally Certified Great Place to Work software providers allows them to differentiate their value statement, provide high-quality legal services through continued software innovation, and cement their role in the local community.

LEAP Legal Software is proud to be a Certified Great Place to Work that supports law firms across the US and provides hundreds of employees with a supportive, open, and innovative work atmosphere that allows them to grow professionally. Learn more about our commitment to building the best work environment in our latest press release.

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