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Cloud-based Family Law Software Protects Connecticut Families

Updated: Feb 8

Connecticut families are vulnerable

Connecticut couples and children are at risk when they are forced to shelter at home with difficult or harmful partners, parents, and caregivers. Prolonged distancing orders keep children away from mandated reporters at schools and other childcare facilities. Working from home means spouses who need separation advice lack privacy for initial legal consultations. Uncertain employment and economic outlooks only add additional stress. Remaining in contact with clients is essential to preserve their claims and protect their lives. Connecticut attorneys use cloud-based family law software to stay connected and protect families.

Protecting Connecticut families

Connecticut attorneys protect families when they use remote cloud-based family law software to stay connected. Specifically, attorneys protect clients with mobile communication tools, online case management, and virtual document collaboration and retrieval.

Mobile communication tools protect families

If clients cannot meet in person, then attorneys need to run mobile law offices responsive to their clients’ availability. When privacy is difficult, clients rely on short mobile calls, covert text messages, and emails. Connecticut attorneys use LEAP from their computers, web browsers, mobile devices, and their Apple iWatch to connect with clients through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or FaceTime.

  • Schedule and start Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls directly from LEAP

  • Schedule and start FaceTime calls from the the LEAP Mobile app on iPhone and iPad

  • Instantly record billable time from any device, including Apple iWatch, Amazon Alexa, and with the LEAP Mobile app on Android

Online case management protects families

When privacy is difficult, online case management protects clients by avoiding paper trails. Mailed letters and memos will be seen by everyone at the client’s address, but clients have privacy when their legal matters are handled from one online account. When Connecticut attorneys use LEAP their clients have 24/7 access to their case from anywhere.

  • Electronic billing and invoicing means no postage or delivery delay

  • Online payments for quicker payments and better cash flow

  • Secure correspondence and electronic signature

Virtual document collaboration and document retrieval protects families

Completed documents secure restraining orders and child support decisions. When client information automatically populates financial affidavits and petitions, attorneys can quickly draft court forms. When clients retrieve and annotate drafts online without downloading local copies to shared computers, they keep their matters private and return homework when and where it’s convenient. Connecticut attorneys using LEAP have powerful virtual document collaboration and document retrieval tools to protect families.

  • 500+ automated Connecticut court forms available to every LEAP user

  • Create or import templates of law firm letters, pleadings, and other frequently used documents

  • Free document sharing and document retrieval with online commenting through LawConnect

Protect families today

Stay-at-home orders make connecting with family law clients difficult. Connecticut attorneys protect families when they use cloud-based family law software to stay connected.

Do you need the right tools to stay connected with your clients? LEAP prepares customized and remote demonstrations of the right tools for law firms so attorneys can focus on protecting families.

Request a personal meeting with one of our law firm management consultants today. 

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