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California Attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters Need Simplicity under New COVID Stay Home Orders

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

By Ryan Groff, Practice Management and Product Advisor

California is under a new stay-at-home order as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Under the early December order, stay home requirements are triggered by regional healthcare statistics, and California court operations will vary by county.

This leaves attorneys scrambling to comply with different sets of rules for staff and clients in different locations. The last thing California attorneys need is complicated law practice management software.

What is complicated law practice management software?

Complicated law practice management software does not follow attorneys and their clients wherever they are. Instead, complicated legal software requires on-premise servers that rely on:

  • Complex, less secure VPNs and remote desktop connections

  • Expensive on-premise server maintenance contracts to host, maintain, and secure data

Simple law practice management software like LEAP is accessible from anywhere, anytime and includes unlimited data hosting, maintenance, and security. California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters need this simplicity.

Simplicity for California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters

Well before the current pandemic, two established, recognized, global leaders in legal technology entered a joint venture to provide California attorneys with simpler law practice management software. The agreement between LexisNexis and LEAP to operate PCLaw | Time Matters, LLC ensured unprecedented stability for California attorneys switching from place-based legal software with on-premise servers to LEAP’s accessible, true-cloud software.

This transition to software as a service, or SaaS, was crucial for running the most profitable law firms prior to the pandemic. Now this transition is unavoidable.

LEAP is the only authorized data-migration partner of PCLaw | Time Matters because LEAP has what California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters expect.

LEAP has what California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters expect

California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters expect a powerful desktop application. With LEAP, users continue using stable software installed directly onto their laptop or desktop computer. Managing documents, emails, and entering time will be familiar. Like PCLaw | Time Matters, LEAP includes the following:

  • Robust matter and contact management

  • Matter-level email, task, and calendar synchronization with Microsoft Outlook

  • Document automation for the firm’s forms and templates

  • Timekeeping and billing

  • Work continuity during internet outages

  • Built-in trust accounting

LEAP feels familiar and provides what is expected, but it is important to recognize that LEAP also includes what California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters currently buy separately.

LEAP has what California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters buy separately

Attorneys practicing today need unlimited document storage and backups. They need remote access to their matters, documents, bills, accounts, and contact information from anywhere. They need secure file-sharing tools, and 100% online intake and payment options to manage clients and potential clients.

With LEAP, California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters get these and other features they have to buy separately from third-party vendors or through an AMP Membership, including:

  • Cloud-based data hosting through Amazon Web Services with 99.99% uptime

  • Ongoing, 24/7/365 cloud server maintenance and data backups

  • Unlimited document storage

  • Unlimited software updates and security patches

  • Free library of thousands of frequently-used, jurisdiction-specific automated court forms

  • Free, secure document sharing with LawConnect

  • Free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android

  • Online access to LEAP from an internet browser

  • Instant timekeeping on emails, documents, comments, and phone calls

  • Hands-free timekeeping with Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa

  • Simple email billing for faster billing cycles

  • Free integrations for online intake, e-signature, and payments

  • Integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for quick collaboration with clients and colleagues

Switch to LEAP and get prepared for anything

California law firms navigate difficult stay home orders when clients stay connected with attorneys and their staff. LEAP includes everything California attorneys using PCLaw | Time Matters need to run their practice for one, simple, monthly price per person without the complication and cost of on-premise servers.

Switch to LEAP


PCLaw | Time Matters LLC is a joint venture of LEAP and LexisNexis. LEAP is the largest global provider of cloud legal software solutions. Learn more about the joint venture and making the switch from PCLaw & Time Matters to LEAP at

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