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Massachusetts and New York Title Agents Adopt Case Management Software

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Title companies like the CATIC Family of Companies and Fidelity National Financial Family of Companies enable agents to manage insurance, and access escrow information and title services to manage real estate transactions.

Nowadays, attorneys who are also title agents have to scale up in terms of transaction volume in order to become profitable. When a process, combined with technology, is lacking, real estate transactions become cumbersome, lengthy, and convoluted. Tools like matter management, cloud access, legal forms automation, and legal accounting/invoicing in LEAP legal practice productivity allows Massachusetts and New York title agents to combine the power of title companies with legal software:

  1. Automation: Massachusetts and New York legal estate legal forms and legal calculations, like the Closing Disclosure and HUD, are automated, simplifying timely admin tasks

  2. Accounting: Trust Accounting and integration with accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online and Xero provides flexible and secure management of client funds.

  3. Mobility: Real estate matters can be accessed from mobile devices powered by Amazon Web Services, allowing title agents to work anywhere, at any time.

  4. Title Features: CATIC integration inside LEAP puts the title process inside of the matter management system to streamline the closing/selling process.

Are you a Massachusetts or New York CATIC title agent that would like full access to LEAP legal practice productivity solution? Visit to learn more.

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