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How LEAP Improves Profitability for PCLaw | Time Matters Law Firms

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The need to switch to a cloud solution is clear, and hundreds of law firms using PCLaw and Time Matters are looking to change from legacy, on-premises solutions. These firms need a cloud solution that can improve the overall operations of their firms while cutting costs and improving staff efficiency. PCLaw | Time Matters recommends LEAP legal practice productivity solution because it is the only all-in-one, cloud-based solution today that offers an enhanced feature set that promotes flexible working options and easy access to matters and client information through multiple devices.

Why Law Firms Choose LEAP Legal Practice Productivity Solution

We sat down with Tonya Crawford of McIntosh, Sherard, Sullivan & Brousseau to discuss why they decided to switch to LEAP from PCLaw. Here’s what she had to say:

What challenges did you face when your firm used PCLaw?

PCLaw only allowed us to put in our time when you remembered to put in your time or wrote it down and had to go back and put your time in later. So from that point, that’s really all you’re using that program for. Before, our attorneys had to enter their time into PCLaw, and I think that things get lost along the way when you’re trying to remember what you did 10 days ago.

How did you hear about LEAP?

I found LEAP through another law firm.

How was the experience transitioning from PCLaw to LEAP?

The overall process of transitioning over to LEAP was really smooth! Everybody in the office was able to start pulling it up and being able to use what we learned in our training.

How has LEAP benefitted your firm so far?

The billing and invoicing features have increased cash flow for the firm since we started using LEAP. I know that the attorneys have seen that financial gain for them. It has also made our firm more efficient. Whereas it may have taken me an hour or more to get something done, I’m now usually finished in 30-45 minutes.

Do you enjoy using LEAP?

I love LEAP. I love the folks that I get to communicate with when I have a problem. And now my boss tells me he also really likes LEAP because he sees a difference. That would’ve never come from him with PCLaw.

Would you recommend LEAP legal practice productivity solution to other law firms?

I absolutely, 100% would recommend LEAP. It’ll make your life a lot easier, and your firm run smoother. It’ll be easier on your co-workers, your employees, and staff. If you’re on the fence or hesitant about the change, it is a change—but it’s a good change! Once you make that change, you will love it just as much as I do.

Ready to join Tonya and the 61,000 other global law professionals that have already switched to LEAP? Schedule a demo today!

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