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Why Law Firms Need to Market to Pre-existing Clients

“It is your job as a lawyer to tap into your firm’s technology to leverage all the information you have

about your clients for mutual benefit.”

Small law firms help people during the most critical points of their lives-- divorce, buying houses, wills, estates, and the like. Due to the cyclical nature of these events, most lawyers tend to focus on finding brand new clients who are going through these experiences for the first time. The fact of the matter is that your clients will experience these ‘big’ events at numerous points throughout their lives.

Tapping past legal clients to uncover future revenue opportunities is a critical business development and legal marketing approach that many small law firms overlook. However, every law firm can unlock this powerful source of new matter types and client referrals simply by keeping in touch with your existing clients outside of a particular matter’s lifecycle.

But running a busy law practice is no small feat. Fortunately, today’s technology makes it easier to communicate with and service your existing client base at scale. As a result, cloud-based legal practice management software won’t just help your small law firm operate more efficiently; it will also help you reinvigorate legal revenue streams.

At LEAP Legal Software, we’re dedicated to helping small laws firms with everything you need to run a law firm. Our new, free e-book, “Lawyers: How to Market to Existing Clients and Contacts,” was authored by Ian Cooper, a leading legal business development authority. This e-book was designed to help you discover the seven essential rules of tapping into your client base to help you grow your firm. You’ll also learn to identify key opportunities and a simple framework to supercharge your client care, referrals, networking, technology, and more.

So, download our free e-book today. Give us a shout and let us know what you think.

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