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Why LEAP is the Single Version of Truth for Law Firms

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

By nature, the legal industry requires legal professionals to embrace hybrid work methods, and they need to have the ability to access data, update timesheets, and collaborate with firm staff and clients, whether they’re in the office, at court, or on the go. If your law firm uses multiple Excel sheets or siloed systems to manage client and case details, you know how difficult it is to efficiently access the information you need and ensure all staff members have access to the correct information, regardless of where or when they’re working.

Thousands of legal professionals across the globe have recognized the need for a consistently accessible, single version of the truth and trust the LEAP legal practice productivity solution as the #1 cloud-based legal software.

LEAP Legal Software

How LEAP Provides a Single Version of Truth for Modern Law Firms

We sat down with Michael Canarick of Canarick & Canarick to discuss how LEAP helped provide his firm with the modern operations needed to increase productivity and double revenue. Here’s what he had to say:

What jurisdictions does your law firm currently service?

New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

What area of law does your law firm specialize in?

My law firm specializes in estate planning, which can run the gamut from doing wills up to significant estate tax or asset protection planning.

Can you tell us how your firm managed client data before switching to LEAP?

Prior to LEAP, I had an Excel spreadsheet of clients. As the practice grew over the years, the Excel spreadsheets became harder to manage, and nothing would be coordinated. LEAP brought us into the modern world.

How would you describe LEAP?

I would describe it as an overall system for a law practice. It organizes client and matter information, tracks your billing, and tracks your time. What’s so great about it is that everything is under one roof instead of having multiple systems doing different things!

How has LEAP helped improve your firm’s productivity and profitability?

Our revenue since implementing LEAP a little over three years ago has doubled. The amount of time it takes us to do things is substantially less.

How do you use LEAP in your everyday operations?

Most of the time, I use the desktop. It’s the easiest to draft documents, and LEAP has a great email system. However, I use the LEAP Mobile App to reach out to clients. It’s very handy because I can go on there and find their card to get their phone number to text or call them.

Would you recommend LEAP to other law firms?

If we had to go back to how we did business four years ago, it would be a nightmare—it’s been the biggest game-changer we’ve had in our business over the years. So, I would recommend it, for sure!

Interested in seeing how LEAP can help your firm create a single version of the truth? Schedule a demo today!

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